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multilateral. mul‧ti‧lat‧e‧ral /ˌmʌltɪˈlætərəl / adjective. COUNTRY/NATION. involving several different countries or groups → bilateral, unilateral a multilateral arms treaty Examples from the Corpus multilateral • In any case, future agree-ments on multilateral action will still be subject to top-level consensus.

Varje namn döljer en viss hemlighet, och det är bättre att känna till det innan barnet får ett namn. Betydelsen av namnet Camilla föreslår att barnet kommer att ha  SKA didasarkan pada kesepakatan bilateral, regional, multilateral, unilateral, atau karena ketentuan sepihak dari suatu negara pengimpor/tujuan  account, meaning that they do not have the right to participate in the issue. multilateral trading facility (MTF)) at which the Company's share is listed or traded). Det finns två typer av handelsplatser för handel med överlåtbara värdepapper - reglerade marknader och multilaterala handelsplattformar (MTF, Multilateral  Did You Know? Since lateral means "side", multilateral means basically "many-sided". The philosophy of multilateralism claims that the best solutions generally result when as many of the world's nations as possible are involved in discussions, and multilateralists often favor strengthening the United Nations.

Multilateral meaning

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communities and our people meaning together are very much growth United Nations latest place to reform theory & practice; questions on authenticity in objects – the meaning of things and cooperation with, international and multilateral networks and research  REF 41127. Implementing, Multilateral The CPF indicators was rolled out during 2017, meaning that reporting on them across all funds are yet to be improved. as representatives from multilateral and civil society organisations. A third theme emerging from the discussions centred on the meaning of  Det här gäller både aktier som handlas på reglerad marknad, och aktier som handlas på en multilateral handelsplattform (MTF) som t.ex. First North.

Learn more. multigym, multihull, multi-infarct dementia, multi-infection, multilamellar body, multilateral, multilateralism, multilateralize, multilayer, multilayered, multilevel.

multilateral aid can help coordinate donors to address issues at regional and global levels and harmonise their efforts, thereby reducing donor burden in recipient countries. One of the biggest problems with multilateral aid is the lack of accountability to the people aid is intended to assist.

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Save time and money for you and your clients with our unique knowledge base. Learn more  बहुपक्षीय. The peace talks are to be conducted on a multilateral basis. Tags: multilateral meaning in telugu, multilateral ka matalab telugu me, telugu  बहुपक्षीय. The peace talks are to be conducted on a multilateral basis.

Multilateral meaning

2. Involving more than two nations or parties: multilateral trade agreements. mul′ti·lat′er·al·ism n. mul′ti·lat′er·al·ist n. multilateral definition: 1. involving more than two groups or countries: 2.
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From Translations in context of "multilateral" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: bilateral and multilateral, multilateral environmental agreements, multilateral trading system, multilateral trade, multilateral cooperation What does multilateral mean? The definition of multilateral is something with many sides, or involves more than two countries. (adjective) An example English to Hawaiian Dictionary (Free).

2019-11-08 · Multilateral: Meaning and Background There are essentially two kinds of trade agreements, multilateral and bilateral.

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Multilateral Organizations - These are organizations formed between three or more nations to work on issues that relate to all of the countries in the organization - Library - Index - GENI conducts research and education on: renewable energy resources interconnections globally, world peace, stable sustainable development solutions, renewable energy, climate changes, global warming, greenhouse

Multilateral clearing without a clearing house. To understand how effective multilateral clearing is, imagine a bank that is directly connected to several other banks and there is no clearing system in between. In the following figure, a system with five participant Banks has been considered. "multilateral" meaning, questions, and usage sentences.

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Multilateral Financial Institutions The IMF and the World Bank are the mammoths of our time. They look like very strong mighty institutions, capable of crushing whatever gets in their way, but they don’t really fit into a desired future world which is more democratic, with more equally distributed wealth and chances, and with more respect for the environment”

Treaties between a large number of states, usually (though not always) denoting participation by a majority of the world's states.