Light: Ledebouria socialis require bright light with three to four hours a day of direct sunlight. Temperature: During the active growth period, normal room temperatures are suitable for Ledebouria socialis plants. During the rest period keep them at 10-15°C (50-59°F), if possible.


Ledebouria socialis "syskonstjärna". Kan även ha små vita blommor. Murraya paniculata "doftruta". Nephrolepsis exalta "spjutbräken". Olea europaea "olivträd".

Ledebouria violacea, Scilla socialis, Scilla violacea) is one of the most widely cultivated bulbs, favored by cactus and succulent growers. It is found in fine to medium grained shallow to deep well drained humus rich sandy soil in the transition zone between the Eastern and Western Cape. Ledebouria socialis, the silver squill or wood hyacinth, is a geophytic species of bulbous perennial plant native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It was first described by John Gilbert Baker as Scilla socialis in 1870.

Ledebouria socialis

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Blommorna är bara bonus, det är de fint tecknade bladen som är vackrast. Min variant har betydligt ljusare blad och är mer  Conoce a la Escila, Ledebouria socialis. Fotografías y descripción de la planta bulbosa y ornamental conocida como Escila, Ledebouria socialis. Consejos para  Nu har jag även fått namn på den, tack vare "Vilken växt" på Facebook.

paucifolia (or ‘Paucifolia’) are greenish in color while the bulbs of Ledebouria socialis var.

Ledebouria socialis 'Miner' Family: Asparagaceae. It is also known as Scilla violacea. This form is 1/4 the size of the normal L. socialis and has really nice silver green leaves with dark lines. The bulbs are reddish purple, often covered in old scales.

… A unique bit of silver squill information is that it is not a succulent, although it resembles one and has the … Ledebouria socialis (Baker) Jessop is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Ledebouria (family Asparagaceae). The record derives from WCSP (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as an accepted name (record 280869) with original publication details: J. S. African Bot. 36: 253 1970.

Ledebouria socialis is also known by its common name Silver Squill. This stocky little plant is actually a bulb plant that is relative to the hyacinth. The beautifully mottled foliage is only outdone by its clusters of purple/blue flowers in the spring.

Image: Kalanchoë Blossfeldiana-Gruppen.

Ledebouria socialis

Den odlas fram för allt för de snygga bladen, men får också stänglar med små vita blommor. Ledebouria socialis tillhör grupperna Bladhuset, Gröna växter. Houseplant care: Ledebouria socialis is often cultivated as houseplant and grows well with minimal care.They do have a winter rest period, but their leaves remain decorative throughout the year. Light: Ledebouria socialis require bright light with three to four hours a day of direct sunlight.
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Ledebouria socialis, Code: 90642. Price: $9.95.

Blomsterfamiljen · 16 hrs ·. Ledebouria socialis, äntligen i växthuset! #ledebouria #ledebouriasocialis · No photo description available.
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Hyacinthaceae. Släkte, Syskonstjärnesläktet Ledebouria. Vetenskapligt namn · § Ledebouria. Auktor · Roth · Arter · Syskonstjärna (L. socialis): Ledebouria 

2001:037  Jag gissar (observera gissar) på någon form av syskonstjärna Ledebouria socialis, som sagt en okvalificerad gissning bara. Men jag hoppas att  Art ^, Skud-nr: 22128. Scilla paucifolia Baker. Se Ledebouria socialis (Baker) Jessop.

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Ledebouria socialis. Regular price $25.00 Sale price Unit price / per. drought tolerant plant; Silver Squill is a small, attractive bulbous plant native to southern Africa. The lance-shaped leaves are mottled with silvery blotches and have purple undersides.

A small yet tough and hardy species, the silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) hails from the dry savannas of South Africa. This perennial is known for being a colorful and eye-catching houseplant. It has silvery leaves with green leopard spots, as well as unique teardrop-shaped bulbs that form above the ground. Ledebouria socialis (Silver Squill) - An evergreen bulbous perennial to 6-10 inches tall with teardrop-shaped bulbs that usually are entirely above the ground with fleshy 4 to 6 inch long lance-shaped leaves that are bright gray purple with green blotches above; the underside is all purple. Ledebouria socialis, commonly know as Silver Squill, is a geophytic species of a bulbous perennial plant native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.